No Code or set of guidelines can cover all regulations, policies and social norms across the marketplace, but the WGC Advertising and Marketing Code provides an essential framework for responsible communication activities to advertise and market Canadian wine products to those of a legal drinking age.

Advertising and marketing materials/initiatives:

  • Should not be directed towards, or be primarily appealing to, consumers below the legal purchase age (e.g., use of fairytale characters, nursery rhymes or children’s songs)
  • Should not contain endorsements by celebrities whose primary market are minors who are either under the legal purchase age, or have a strong appeal to those under the legal purchase age
  • Should not contain endorsements by any person who is below the legal purchase age or who is made to appear to be below the legal purchase age
  • Should only be placed in media (television, radio, print) communications where the majority of the audience is reasonably expected to be of legal purchase age.
  • Should not portray alcohol consumption as a rite of passage to adulthood.

All on-/off-trade promotions encourage responsible drinking for those adults who choose to drink, and do not support activities that encourage excessive or irresponsible consumption, such as drinking games.

Following Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines can help you support a balanced and healthy lifestyle!