The Right Amount for some, is none.
When Zero Drinks are the Limit

Choosing the right amount of alcohol is about making informed personal choices, and for some the right amount is none.

Whether the goal is addressing sugar or calorie intake, or one’s relationship with alcohol, the commitment to healthy living (while still enjoying the occasional glass of wine) is a personal lifestyle choice. Harmful alcohol consumption is linked to numerous health risks and should always be consumed and enjoyed in moderation. Alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and limited stress.

However, no nutritional intervention can eliminate the health hazards associated with long-term  harmful consumption levels of alcohol.

For high-risk groups such as people with alcohol dependence, youth and pregnant women, alcohol consumption is not recommended.  Alcohol is also not recommended in high-risk situations such as operating a vehicle or other machinery, making important decisions, or taking medications and/or other drugs.

Do not drink when you are:

  • Driving a car, snowmobile, boat or other motorized vehicle
  • Operating heavy machinery and tools
  • Taking medicine or other drugs that interact with alcohol
  • Doing any kind of physical activity
  • Living with mental or physical health problems
  • Living with alcohol dependence
  • Pregnant, planning to be pregnant, or about to breastfeed

Choosing the Right Amount is about making informed personal choices, and for some the Right Amount is none. For some Canadians drinking in moderation is not possible.

If you think alcohol is affecting your life, there are many resources and sources of support available.

Talk to your health care provider about:

  • how much you drink
  • ways to reduce your risks
  • health support in your community
  • review the Right Amount materials for helpful information and available resources.