This calculator was created to help you better understand what a standard drink is, and to help you make responsible choices for the consumption of wine. Always remember that the shape of the glass or volume of pour can vary between your home, a restaurant or bar.

A standard drink is based on the alcohol content and the volume of the pour served. The higher the alcohol content, the smaller the size of the standard drink.

It’s easy to measure your wine consumption by counting “standard” drinks to help you support a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Step 1:
Calculate how many standard drinks are in a glass or bottle of wine.

The number of standard drinks in a glass or bottle of wine depends on the volume of the pour and the percentage of alcohol. To calculate this enter those values below:

oz ml
Glasses Bottle
0 oz

Step 2:

The number of standard drinks also depends on the total quantity. Enter the number of glasses:


Your results

Based on the information provided that would be the equivalent of:

1.5 Standard drinks of 4oz each.

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